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supernatural (fandoms) 20in20 icons ♥

20icons in 20 days #about supernatural fandoms

supernatural 20in20 ♥
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supernatural fandoms 20in20
s p n t 20in20 icons ♥

spnt20in20 is an icon challenge for any and all supernaturally inclinded fandoms, in which you must make 20 icons in 20. These will be 10 theme based, 05 category based and 05 artist's choice. At the end of the 20 day, a vote will be held to decide winners.
♥ For each round, you must choose one supernatural fandom (series tv or movie), pairing, character or specific season of a show and make 20 icons in 20 days for that claim.
♥ If, in round 1, you choose (for example) grimm, you cannot choose it again on round 2. However you may claim it in round 3.
♥ All icons made must be your own work and made for this challenge. Plagiarism will result in a ban.
♥ All the icon post will be public, no exception.
♥ Icons must fit LJ standards (100x100px, under 40kb and in .jpeg or .png format)
♥ Posts must be accepted by the mod first and she will do so as soon as she can.
♥ Feedback and voting is highly encouraged, especially if you have participated yourself.
♥ When you post in the community please leave 3 icons of the set as a teaser and put the rest under a cut or link to them.

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If you would like to affiliate with spnt20in20, please drop me a comment at the Page-a-Mod.